Faith In The One True God

Anyone who believes in God recognizes just how important faith is. Faith is the most significant part of our relationship with God. In Hebrews, the Bible says that without faith, you are not going to please God in any way. The Word of God also says that anything is possible for those who keep their faith in God. One might ask if we need faith. Is faith in God really that important?

The answer is an emphatic yes. Thankfully, Believers in God have the same faith that Jesus has because it has been given to them as a gift. It’s not about your faith in Him but the fact that His faith is at work within your life right this very moment.


Jesus faithfully hanging on the cross of Calvary.

Unfortunately, this good news often falls on deaf ears. Most Christians do not want to hear this. Time and again, they pray for God to increase their faith. Even those who followed Jesus when He walked on this earth thought the same thing. When they asked the Lord to grow their faith for them, He told them that if they had faith as small as a mustard seed, it could move mountains!


Faith As Small As a Mustard Seed

What an amazing thing for Jesus to say. Faith, even in its smallest form, is so powerful. It could pick up a tree or a mountain and throw it into the sea. The point is that the disciples didn’t need more faith. They simply needed to use what they were given.

It is important to note that we are born again by the faith of Jesus and not faith in Jesus. There is a difference. In order to step over into the family of God, we had to be given faith as a gift in order to exercise it and ask the Lord into our hearts. Jesus did everything for us so that we might be saved.

That is what makes salvation so special. It is a gift from Heaven. There is no way we could ever have saved ourselves. All that salvation is and can do is because God loves us. He wanted a relationship so much that He even provided the faith needed in order to see that come into a spiritual reality when we prayed the salvation prayer.


Human Faith Is Different

There is a difference between spiritual faith and human faith. There is a certain amount of faith it takes to sit down in a chair and trust that it will hold our weight. It also takes human faith to believe that when we flip a switch, the lights will turn on. Everyone has the ability to walk in a natural faith. This is all based on our five physical senses.

When it comes to being Born Again and filled with God’s Spirit, we believe in something we cannot sense. Godly faith is intangible. You may now be wondering where faith comes from.

The Bible says that spiritual faith comes from hearing God’s Word. There is no way to be saved unless one hears the Good News of the Gospel and then prays. When we hear God’s Word, faith is imparted into our spirits. We had to have faith given to us this way in order that we might believe what we cannot see.

Right in that special moment of inviting Jesus into our hearts, a measure of faith is given to us. This is the same measure every Believer receives when they pray to be saved.

Bible sitting on a pew in a Christian church.

It is just like being served soup from a ladle. Everyone who has a bowl receives the same amount of soup because the same ladle is being used to feed everyone. The misconception some Christians have is that they believe one person got a ladle full of faith and another only received a spoonful. This is not true.

They mistakenly believe that one person received more faith than others. They think that the Lord has favorites and that maybe He gave more faith to someone than He gave to someone else.

Even the great Apostle Paul received the same amount of faith as Christians who are living today (Romans 12:3). We all have the same faith. It is the faith of Jesus Christ.

As you go from here, always remember that faith in the One True God is the same for each and every one of us. There is so much you can do right now with the faith that you have in your heart right now.